24–28 May 2021 Coex, Seoul, Republic of Korea

News: Postponement of XV World Forestry Congress!

  • 2020-12-14
      • XV World Forestry Congress Postponement

        After careful consideration of the continued and unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to postpone the XV World Forestry Congress, which was scheduled to be held from 24 to 28 May 2021 in Seoul.

      • Rescheduling will ensure that the Congress can have maximum participation by all who care about forests around the world. 
      • The practical details of the postponement, including the new dates, programme preparations and logistics, will be announced here as soon as the new information become available. 

      • Frequently Asked Questions: Postponement of XV World Forestry Congress
      • This FAQ will be updated frequently.
        Last update: 23 December 2020

        When will new dates be announced? 
      • New dates and other details will be forthcoming early in 2021. 
      • I already registered for the Congress, what do I need to do? 
      • Your registration will remain valid unless you request a full refund. Kindly note the Registration Support Team will contact each of you who completed a registration with the payment of registration fees.
      • Will Early-Bird registration be extended? 
      • The deadline for early-bird registration will be extended and the information communicated after establishing the new dates for the Congress. 
      • I have submitted a side event, how will this affect me? 
      • Organizers of accepted side events have been contacted directly by the WFC Secretariat.  When new dates are announced, organizers will be contacted to re-confirm participation for the new dates and to update the content of the side event if required. 
      • I have submitted an abstract for a paper/poster and it has been accepted, how will this affect me? 
      • Authors of accepted paper/poster abstracts have been contacted directly by the WFC Secretariat.  As soon as the new date is announced, more information on the timeline for voluntary papers/posters will be made available on the Congress website as well as via email. 
      • Will the date for the video submissions be extended? 
      • As soon as the new date is announced, more information on the timeline for video submissions will be communicated on the Congress website.
      • My organization is interested in having an exhibit stand at the Congress. Where can I find more information? 
      • There will be different exhibition packages available, and more information will be posted on the website once the new dates for the XV World Forestry Congress are announced.  
      • What opportunities are available to sponsor the Congress?
      • There will be a range of options available, which will be announced on the website when the new dates are set. 
      • When will more information on visa requirements and procedures be available?
      • A guide to getting your visa for the Republic of Korea will be posted on the site with the new dates. For detailed guidance, it is recommended that you consult the Korean Embassy in your country.
      • XV World Forestry Congress Secretariat